Landscape Design Of A Small Area With His Hands

Плёночный пруд своими руками.

Location, shape and dimensions of the pond

The first thing you need is... Determine the location, shape and size of the pond♪ Never have a pond completely in the shadows of trees. The size of the pond or watermelon shall be commensurate with the size of the whole section or recreation area.

When selecting sizes, you will take into account all your desires - for example, if you decorate the pond by plants or otherwise cannot, remember that coastal plants need a depth of more than 20 cm, water lilies of 50 to 100 cm, the most common pond fish of at least 120 centimetres. The deep water area may be between 60 and 150 cm.

How do you calculate the number of tapes required for the pond?

It is now necessary to calculate the necessary number of films and to adjust the size of your future pond, because the film needs to be taken by one piece and it has a certain standard width. To this end, use the following example in calculating the size of the film for the future watermelon:

Строим плёночный пруд своими руками - форма прудаFor example, we build a pond of 3x2 meters and 1m depth.
By the length of the alleged pond, double depth shall be added and 1 m additional for the extraction of the ground shall be given the necessary length of the floor. A 3+2x1+1=6m tape is required for the pond.
We add double depth to the width of the alleged pond and another 1 m to be sent to the necessary width of the film for the future pond. We need a 2+2x1+1=5m tape.

However, the calculation of the number of films for the future pond does not play a role, at which angle the shore is down or the depth of the various zones of greening. Only the deepest place of water is considered.
The next stage is the acquisition of film.Строим плёночный пруд своими руками - форма пруда Work on a future pond can be done only after it is acquired. So you're not mistaken with the size, and the shore of your pond won't start to fall apart if it's dug up in advance.

Platoon for the construction of a pond

We recommend the purchase of a PVC pamphlet. This film is used in the construction of capital basins and serves its owners for years.
PVC is a synthetic coating based on plastic material. The special bioproofness of the film for the device protects it from the effects of microorganisms present in the water.

Строим плёночный пруд своими руками. Пленка для пруда. Строим плёночный пруд своими руками - форма пруда Строим плёночный пруд своими руками - готовый пруд устройство каркасного бассейна

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