Landscape Design Of The Stream

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In this article, we will show you how our projects can be applied in practice.

We've got a 10-bed plot in Central Chernobyl. It's flat. There's a small single-story house with a terrace, a bath and a hozlock adjacent to it. On section 2 of the entry: main and additional with the parking lot. The poem is black.

Photo 1. Bullshit

Step 1.

Let's do the zoning. First of all, it's a front entrance zone. She's the one who's in the eye of the guests, so her design has a lot of attention. Especially if the fence is decorational, low, wheat, like in this section, and the parade greening is already on the street. In our case, the entry area is: a removable land, which serves to enter the territory and leads to the home, an area with decorative saturation and a lawn on the left of the entrance and a small section on the right. So, the left part would logically form a lawn with a mixborder like Project No.86. It's a charcoal group using a small number of years and decorative angers that's been executed in a landscape. This miksborder decorativene throughout the year using structural plants.

Step 2.

Right from entrance to small area You can put a shop or a swing. Project No.84, adapted to the specific purpose, is to be completed: the living area may be continued along the fence and to the bath/hozlock.

Step 3.

The second zone is a private recreational zone adjacent to the terrace behind the house. We'll take a leaf for greening. No.87 With a conversation barbecue. The exit of the conversation on both sides is decoration trees and handicrafts with a small number of years and angers. The wall is landscape. This mixboarder is separating and covering the parking area. From the terrace to the chat, you can put a footpath through the lawn.

Step 4.

Now it's starting to be popular again, but in modern interpretation. The garden and the garden must be decorational and integrated into the general concept of the site. This is where we found a place for the 3rd fruit trees. We have adapted Project No. 55 to specific dimensions: we use exactly half of the plan to separate it along. There's no need for a road here, her role will be served by the bait.

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