30 Layers Of Landscape Design

Landscape design of 30 streams

The 30-bed area is a huge area that opens up a lot of possibilities for a designer fantasy. But the advantage of a large section is easily overwhelmed - if you don't know how to make it right.

How good can it be? landscape design Yes, much depends on the correct preparatory work. The work of a professional designer always begins with an examination of the terrain and the nature of the ground, determination of the location of the site on the side of the light, collection of local climate information. Technical documentation and installation of drainage may be required as necessary.

Once the basic information is collected, the cottage plot is being set up. The main element of the scheme is the home, and all other facilities should be grouped around it. The recreational area, the gamac, the barbecue area is usually conceived in the vicinity of the residential area, the garden area, near the economic area where the various household areas are planned (baseholes, garbage collection, chozposts). Sports or children's playground is better placed in a shade, garden and garden in the south.

The size of each zone depends not so much on personal preferences, but on the importance of its role. If you're looking at the Daci area first as a recreational space, you're probably not gonna need a big garden.

To resolve the issue of the void and to consider the smallest detail of the decor is to be considered during the design phase.

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