Landscape Design With Your Hands

камень: галька, щебень, гравий(Material Alina Rabuško, published in the Journal of Master, No. 2, 2009)

When it comes to the stone, many of the owners of the day's plots are just handcuffed. This situation underlines: the stone is simply indispensable in construction and construction. landscape designToo cheap, beautiful. Almost everything can be done from the foundation of the house to a magnificent little architecture. And personally, I really like this stuff. You want to make an inexorable path, connect different kinds of urination, including stone. I need a backup wall, please, if it's high enough, leave the floors for panno or garden cough. You're building an alpine pot or a faculty, you're not going to miss the rocks. And if you have a creative start and a fantasy, there will be sculpture and water bodies with an unusual coastline. What kind of rock gardens are in Japanese style!

In short, the stone in the garden is multiplier. It introduces an additional natural element into the garden, gives a space of philosophical meaning, often combining the fragmented parts into a single whole and also performs many functions. And if most of us have long valued this multidimensional and multiplier material, we still know little about certain properties and rocks.

камень натуральный и искусственный камень: дорожки из камня

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