Landscape Design Of 15 Slopes

In the 35 years of his garden, Irina Semenovna Pyzykova collected a beautiful collection of soft trees and handicrafts, decorational angers. Most importantly, it's learned to turn the shortcomings of the precinct into the dignity of the garden. And for years, the pieter horticultures have come to Tjarlev to get to know her invaluable experience.

Area 15 nets has a light gradient south, so the garden's completely lit. The depth of the fertile layer is about a half-metre, underneath it is a mile layer of soupis and further a green clay. That's why the main problem is the dumping of water. From the beginning, the garden was built with a plan for its decision. All the flower blooms are tempted and walooned. It appears that the spring wide-ranging central path becomes a pit where water runs at the height of rocks under the snow.

Another initial challenge is to create habitats for people, animals and plants. This approach to planning Irene Semenovna ' s spaces was introduced at the institution where she studied architecture. So the garden is divided into green rooms, each has a role to play. There's even a self-propelled house for useful insects. When Irina Semenovna ' s rooms were filled, the environmental principles were no longer composive, but planted together with the same agro-technician. And then I started throwing them away on personal preferences and on persistence. I got rid of all weak and bad winter species. Architectural education must have affected the fact that Irina Semenovna wants to see every plant on top of the bottom in all his color. So the garden has now only a beauty who meets this requirement. And when she first started in 1981, the seeds could only be obtained in a botanical garden. They were mostly alpine plants, their Irina Semenovna and collector. Right now, they're almost all gone, too crazi for her conditions. And the collection of the garden's master has already been overwhelmed. When they got infected, everyone else became uninterested.

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