Photos Of 16 Layers Of Landscape Design

Продажа Коттедж 130 кв.м / 10 сот. Саратовская область, Энгельс, СНТ Волжская Заводь садовое некоммерческое товарищество — фото 1

Cottage: 409 Måsup2, 11 hundred.

7,200000 roubles.

No photos.

Pearls, 18

  • Direct sales

It's a great cattage in Engels City, 3 minutes away from the beach. It's located on a quiet, non-trade street at 11 juice. Places and cottages are owned. Cotage 2nd floor...

Cottage: 200 millsup2, section 3 100.

6,200000 rub.


  • Water supply:

I'll sell the 2nd floor house 200m, located in the middle of Engels' city, practically on the shore of the Volga River. There are three rooms on the first floor of the house, the kitchen, the san. Big guest room 30, two bedrooms...

Cottage: 215 M Headquarterssup2, section 13 hundred.

5290000 rub.


    Cottage is located in a suburb housing of a small elite settlement of wonders on a 13-bed plot. The cattage itself is very well-built, 2nd floor from a white silica brick. In the cottage...

    Cottage: 280 monsup2, 16 hundred.


    The Volge St.

    • Electricity: yes
    • Water: well
    • Gas:
    • Canalization: pit

    Cottage 2et/kirp. + foam, basement, 280 square metres on section 16, 3 FDN in Engles, Volge Prospect. The euro is a sewer, built furniture, except the cap. There are three bedrooms...

    Cottage: 320 millsup2, 18 hundred.

    Trosty street.

    • Canal:

    18 nets, of which 7, 5 are owned, 10, 5 are rented. 4 rooms, 2 s/o, sauna, Euroremont, heat fields, built garage, separate garage, landscape design

    Cottage: 350 millsup2, 10 hundred.

    90000 shirt.

    Moscow Oil.

      It's proposed to sell the house in the middle of the city. As a step towards accessibility, the whole social infrastructure. Nice transport connection. The house is fully ready to live. No additional investment is required. Can I...

      Cottage: 90 millsup2, 12 hundred.

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