Clemati In The Landscape Design Of The Garden Of Photos

Клематисы в ландшафтном дизайнеVertical greening has always been used actively in the decoration of the suburbs. It's very good for this clammatis or lamonos. His bright, fabulous flowers revive the garden and give the buildings that they have built a truly fabulous view.

They're going to steal the roof and the back of the porch, the chat.Клематисы в ландшафтном дизайне By placing them on special scaplers, arches, pergolases, we can arrange a vice-allocation for recreation. They can successfully " shave " , " unpredictable " buildings on the day. You can say in Clamtis landscape design Not applicable.

You can't say that clamps are unsympathetic plants, but they're quite capable of growing up not even a very experienced flower breeder. These plants, depending on the species, flow throughout the season from the end of spring to the fall freezes.Клематисы They are resistant to the climate of most of our regions and are not relevant to the soil (there are only wet and spring-prone flooding areas not suitable for them). Clematis are long-term residents, can grow in a garden without transplant for over 20 years.

Where to land

When choosing a place to land, it must be taken into account that clammatis flower turns towards the sun, sunlight needs at least 6 hours a day. It is therefore advisable to lay them on the southern, south-west or south-east side of the site and along the walls of the structures aimed at these sides of the world.Клематис Руж Кардинал (Rouge Cardinal) The place of landing must be warm, closed by crossroads, sunshine or half. If these conditions cannot be met accurately, in the northern areas, the native clamps of the Prince ' s plant, which are not so demanding for sunlight, unsuccessful and have a good freeze, can successfully increase the winter temperature to -30 degrees.

Agricultural equipment

Clatis are placed 70 cm-1 m apart. For the planting of each plant, the eggs are 60 to 70 cm long, width and depth (50 cm allowed for lung soil).цветет клематис Доктор Раппл (Dr.Ruppel) The excavated land elects weeds, adds two to three buckets of compost or sand to it, adding 100 to 150 g superphosphate, 200 g of total mineral fertilizer, where possible 100 g bone flour, 150 to 200 g of beam or mela, 200 g of ash.

For clammatis, regular and heavy streams are important, especially during growth. The weakness of the moisture directly affects their growth and colouring. However, the stalemate of water in the root system does not transport these plants.

Clematis are lianas, they need supports to grow, they can be special bars and spalaers, and there may be walls and various building elements, or natural supports - gardens and decorative trees.

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