Hortense In The Landscape Design Of The Garden Photo

Как вырастить гортензию в садуHow to raise a hort license in the garden.

Hortense (Lat. Hydrangea) belongs to the Hortensyev family, with more than 70 species. It is valued for the diversity of flowers and the indifference and many ways of self-reliance.

Modalities for the reproduction of hull

There are several ways to develop the hortone: green hairs, leashes, bush split. The seed method is less used because the seedling grows about 2 years.

Выращивание гортензии из семянReproduction of hortage by green bars

The cheeks shall be cut in July when the buoys are formed:

  • Choose lower side runs last year;
  • Cut the pistol in the morning;
  • Then the escape is divided into pieces, leaving a pair of leaves on each two to three;
  • The ready-to-bes shall be placed in the root stimulant solution for a couple hours;
  • They are further planted in the peat soil and covered by glass banks.

The worms should be dried regularly. They'll be wearing new leaves in a month.

Removal of the burner

Removals are recommended for spring, before kidneys are released. Gunts around the bushes are overcooked and equated, and they create sorrosses in which the bottom side runs.Для гортензии идеально подойдет открытое солнечное место They're shrinking to the ground, and they're sleeping in the pole. By the October of the retrieval, the roots will be created and young escapes will be allowed to be separated.

Bush decommissioning

The technique is not applicable to a melted horten. The early spring bush is well smelted, pumped, and flushed with roots. It is further divided into several parts and immediately put on a new permanent seat.

Replacement method

The seeds grow in the fall:

  • The substrate uses garden soil, peat and sand 4:2:1;
  • The crops cover the thin layer of the soil mixture, wet and close the glass;
  • The landing is regularly ventilated and irrigated;
  • The first exits occur in 4-6 weeks;
  • The first peak at the stage of development of the first leaves;
  • In May, a second peak is carried out, dispersing plants in individual receptacles with a diameter of at least 7 cm.

seed hortening

Изменение окраски соцветий гортензии Обрезка метельчатой гортензии Болезни гортензии - хлороз листьев Заболевания гортензии - септориоз

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