Landscape Design

Садовый ландшафтный дизайн

Landscape Designthe building of a land area is not a module, but a man ' s desire to approach nature, to breathe clean air, and toward health. The creation of a garden in which it will be comfortable, comfortable and calm is a difficult and very difficult job. The garden consists of many constituents, but it is the main plant. To get in a huge range, to find the right thing, that's what suits you and your Sadu personally, the job of professionals. The Landscape Design will allow you, with the help of skilled professionals, to make the most incredibly imaginable thoughts, to show dignity and to skill the shortcomings of the site, to reveal identity, to emphasize status and success.

We build gardens, following such principles:

The garden shall be:

  • at any time of year
  • reliable
  • Technology in care
  • suitable for residence

Our own garden center and plant pets help us translate these principles into reality.


The garden is made once for the whole life of space at this house, so it needs to be handled in a very responsible manner. The establishment of a plot plan is necessary as:

  1. It is possible to see its garden " upstream " , which enables it to reflect and make the most appropriate functional areas and necessary elements: additional construction, roads, waterways, flower, etc.
  2. The existence of a plan will enable the implementation of its project in stages.
  3. free of possible errors in the construction of the garden.
  4. The lack of a garden project and the implementation of the works in a systemic manner inevitably causes a multiplicity of costs, shifts and a decline in the quality of garden design.

There is a minimum required set of project documents, without which literate landscape work cannot be performed.

The landscape project may include the following documentation

  1. Preliminary versions - garden planning sketches

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