Tulips In Landscape Design

Пионовидные тюльпаныThere are so many tulip varieties today that they look more like other plants than their own. Take, for example, machro tulips are the real pies!

The selection of the species and varieties of tulips is as large as the spring clumbum could only be painted by these plants. The most interesting varieties of this culture are machro varieties. Their representatives are dense, floral, resembling pion. In fact, the second name of the plants is "pionide."

Cheap tulips aren't a novel. Such varieties were described for the first time in the sixteenth century. Indeed, those ancient varieties could not exist until our time. However, modern flowers have already produced many interesting and unusual varieties of machro tulips that are equally attractive.

Тюльпаны Exotic EmperorWe can find precipitation material for early and late varieties of machro tulips. The first good thing is that they're spreading out early spring. But they have minus: these tulips don't grow too big. It's good to grow them on alpine mountains, in brodures or in the front.

The late pyonide tulips are much more interesting. They're tall, and they're big enough, up to 10 cm in diameter. These cultures thrive around two weeks after the early tulips, but they flow much longer until the beginning of June. Such tulips are excellently combined with other colors on the clumbia, and are very well placed in the cut.

The late machro tulips are magnificent in the neighborhood with rabbits, anemons, stones, muscaras, violas, rags, narciss, margarites, skirts, prunes.

Тюльпаны Double Red Riding HoodBecause of the unusual form of flower tulips, these plants look good in flower, miksbor and single plantations. They can also be used to circumvent roads in the garden. And some flowers even plant them in separate vases.

The mosquitoes are not only Tulpans of early and late classes but also the colours of other classes of this culture. For example, carlic tulips look like pions, too. The complexity of the boutons is different, and many brush varieties are different.

1. Exotic Emperor (Exotic Emperor)

Tulips in this class have very unusual colours: their white or cream folk are covered with thin green hair. The outer petals are strong and stubborn, which makes flowers very resistant. They are able to withstand poor weather conditions and do not throw blindness for long. These pyonide tulips are suitable for use landscape designas well as long standing in a cut.



Step height



35 cm


Тюльпаны Monte Carlo Тюльпаны Peach Blossom Тюльпаны Royal Acres

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