Lapchatka In Garden Landscape Design

The centre of the cross can be painted at any point in the garden, spreading it under any inclination to the border or home. The lines forming the suburbs have been perceived by us as part of the landscape. But the designer is not exhausted. Arsenal landscape designer much wider. And he's got to be armed when there's a planner in his head. 'Cause the line on the plan can be a path, but maybe a canal, can become a garden, maybe a step. This line may be a wide flower, may be composed of spaces following each other, or may be a backup wall or stairs. This line can narrow and expand, turn into a wash or a lawn, consist of plants, a scapaler, from water. Maybe it's just an imaginary line, not a material object, maybe a shadow, maybe a metal, maybe a thin wolf.

On the one hand, full freedom, and on the other, unrestricted restrictions.

Learning to work under constraints is not only useful as pre-school training, which is always limited.147a461741.7.jpg Limitations are useful to understand the point and not to be confused in secondary and small. Animals begin to learn to paint by using one paint, learning about tone, transition, lighting, then add another or two paints before taking the whole palette.

We will also operate in our tasks not all possible paltry plants for our region, but their very limited range.

These plants will create a skeleton of garden, its foundation. In some ways, they will be the conduit of the broad set that will be at our disposal.

We'll always design a specific area. The area with the house is 700 square metres. The location of the house is very typical: it is close to one of the sides of the precinct, near the street, has access to the garden. There's about five cats behind the house. On the precinct, three old trees are two lips growing under the west fence and apple near the middle of the precinct.

Remove or incorporate existing trees into the new garden plan, that choice remains for you.

We'll start with the most common decisions.

As in the simplicity of the soul, the question about the fruit is an apple, and the poet is Pushkin, as well as the question of " which may intersect in the garden " , the most expected answer is the roads.

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