Spirits In Garden Landscape Design

Спирея фотоSpear in landscape design

There are about 100 different types and varieties of alcohol. Some of them became popular until today. These artisanal artisans, which range from 15 centimeters to 2 metres, are very beautiful and easy to leave. Speeds are widely used in landscape design as single landings, as well as as as an element of living gardens or brodure. Despite the fact that the artisanal is completely uncomfortable, it's best to put alcohol on the solar site.

Adults of aspires are perfectly well transported by drought, which will not speak of the newly planted alcohol. Small plants need water, especially as long as they live.Семена спиреи Posts that are suitable for spirit growth, from neutral to weak oxidants.

Large species with winds usually flow in spring and low-grown in summer. Species that flow in spring shall be cut almost immediately after the flower, prior to the formation of the flower kidneys for the following year. Plants flowing in the summer can be cut late in the fall or early spring, with old dry branches to be cut at the ground level. More than one third of the plant should not be removed to preserve the bush. The spear is easily multiplied by green hairs in June.

Spear, seed box

Спирея аргута фотоThe spear in landscape design is the plant of all seasons. For three of them, the artisanal will appear in all the colors. Each part of the plant is decorational. Spiritual in winter is emitted by their kidneys of yellow and red shades and bright brown stalks. The spring of this Romanian is replaced by many bright yellow shades. The summer bush is drowning in a rich green, and by the fall of the alcohol again surprises us with a new palette yellow, red and orange. Most alcohols flow from June to cold. Semen boxes retain all winter.

Argument spear

Спирея ниппонская фотоSpiritual spear, or Arguta Spiraea x arguta Zab is the hybrid of Tunberg and multi-coloured alcohol (S.thunbeigii x S.multiflora). This wonderful skilled 2-metre old man opens a season of alcohol in early May. His many flower blooms are so thick as to cover the winds of the bush, that the leaflets are hardly visible. The flower aromat looks a little like a worm aromat. This alcohol flows at last year's runs, so the cuts are made immediately after the flower. The spear is extremely attractive in single landings, decorative groups and living gardens.

Gray Spear

Спирея Альба Стелющаяся спирея фото Спирея японская Спирея японская

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