Monard In Garden Landscape Design

Weyenstefan is in the past a monastery, and today the district of the Bawar city of Fraizing and one of the largest green scientific centres in Europe. Knowledge gardens are part of the University of Applied Sciences. Historical monastery garden is located on the Wyenstefan hill, his species has not changed for centuries. In 1947, he was added to five hectares of the test garden, which celebrated Vienshtefan throughout the world. A little later, the fruit garden and the garden were built.

In the early 20s of the twentieth century, the famous German gardener and the Calendar Carl Forster (Karl Foerster) planned to establish a test garden for years. However, the first attempts were destroyed by war. Richard Hansen, who worked at Forster's gardener in those years, was able to implement the idea. It is him who laid down the Vienshtefan test garden and set out its main tasks: the choice of the best species and cultivaries for horticulture, the determination of the best conditions for the cultivation of plants, and the selection of vegetation communities decorated from an aesthetic point of view and sustainable under the environmental conditions in question. The nature of these communities is the very nature. Today, garden visitors can enjoy magnificent colors, most of them have been placed under the leadership of Peter Kiermeier, who replaced Hansen as Director and set up a garden from 1978 to 2006.

The test garden is situated at a height of 470 m above the sea level in the winter-resistance zone 6a (average annual minimum temperatures -20...-23 °C). The winter freeze is often replaced by heat winds, so sharp temperatures can reach 20 °C. The poem is a heavy burner with glynes. The mean annual temperature is 8°C, 1°C, the rainfall is 792 mm.

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