Photographs In The Landscape Design Of The Garden

Декор клумбыThe garden on the landing is a place that every master can turn into a cozy corner using interesting ideas offered by modern landscape design. The garden may look attractive and mysterious at any time of the day, in sunlight and in the bags and in the darkness of the night. The glowing stones as gardens have been applied relatively recently, and they can revive the night landscape, make it red and fantastic, but by day, the screaming from the scrubs will make a more beautiful clumb, pond, stream or gardener.

The stones in the dark are not only decorational. It's a source of lighting that is usually sufficient to guide the garden in the dark time of the day.Камни со светодиодами Stocked along the road, around the pond, at the rest bench, they'll be overwhelmed by a soft-looking light without disturbing the lucrative harmony of the garden.

Such rocks look almost natural, they accumulate light during the day, and they light at night. They weigh significantly less natural stones, so they can be easily transported and located in the right places.

They've got a long life of service, looking after them just-- you can wash artificial stones with conventional mowings. Lights landscape design stones You can be used in the decoration of garden waters - waters are not afraid and form a beautiful sunlight, fountain, pool.

The stones for work need to be selected on their own. It's best to use a galc, she's got a pretty rounded form that can make any kind of a garden fit.Каменная крошка The calculus can be located along the road and around the clumbum, put a breast of stones in the center of the shell, decorate individual plants in the garden. How do you make a glowing stone? To this end, a fluorescent paint sold in construction stores is used. After the paint, when the paint drys, the top of the stones are covered by a cloth for external work.

You'll have a beautiful garden decor, and the funds will be spent very little. A human-century pigment of this paint is thermal, its quality determines the quality of the paint itself. If you buy a good paint, the light stones on the precinct will keep their properties for more than a decade.

Such rocks don't look very natural, they're semi-transparent in daytime, and they remind you of some alien objects.

Светящиеся камни Клумба с высоты Разноцветные камни Желтые камни

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