Bad Garden In Landscape Design

At all stages of the formation of the fruit garden, care must be taken to ensure that trees and handicrafts not only actively fertilize but also grow up in the wilderness. Assistance in the creation of a decorative fruit garden will be provided with a long-tested method, such as a scapular (sometimes referred to as cordon or flat). The gardening of trees is no less responsible than the breakdown of clumbs and mixborers, and it requires a good taste and, of course, sufficient knowledge.

Plan of fruit garden: how to plant trees

There is hardly a man who would not be admired by the exquisite design of the edible garden: the burning spring flow of apple, the attention and the aesthetic pleasure of the brute wrinkles of old copies and the great schedule of crowns.

Appleoni trees are debtor trees, they often keep them as a good memory of the fathers and grandfathers who put the garden. ? Don't clean up the old-aged trees if they're healthy, put the lawn under them. If you put garden furniture under these trees on the lawn, it'll be a nice living room in the fresh air, where you can meet guests, make evening tea, just sit in the family circle. What amazing shadows are throwing old trees on a lawn on a hot summer day!

Before planning the fruit garden on the basis of the family ' s needs, determine the area to be occupied by a crop in the garden, the existence of several varieties of different maturity dates will allow for an extension of the consumption of fruit. In the planting of actinides and blindness, one man is required to ensure fertility of 4-5 women ' s plants.

In the southern walls where plants receive additional heat, plant the warmest plants - grapes, haircuts, apricots. In terms of the fruit garden, the planting scheme must be in line with the final size of the plants in a few years, the typical error of many horticultures - burial plantations.

Trees in the garden at all stages of creation

landscape design The fruit garden has a special place: ordinary fruit trees and berry handicrafts are very attractive, especially during the period of colouring and ripening.

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