Landscape Design By Handwriting

Цветочные клумбы – украшение любого участкаOriginated clubs always look interesting. Wishing to steal their area with flower composites, many gardeners are building clums using ready fences and plant tanks. But to create an unusual element of landscape design, you can and will be cost-effective by showing a little fantasy to build cloams from manual materials. Such unusual designs will be the outskirt of the countryside.

Нарядное украшение для сада из автомобильных покрышекInstallation of decorative decorations enables several tasks:

  • By means of cloam and protective structures, it is easy to visually break the territory into functional areas;
  • Single-style cloams make the site more accurate and presentable;
  • Batteries of receptacles and deterrent designs prevent the spread of plants across the Territory;
  • fences perform a protective function, saving fragile plants from domestic animals.

Old things, long overdue, but safely stored in the storage or garage, can get a second life, becoming an original functional element of landscape design.

By re-examining our stocks of " hard things " we find an old rubber kit.

By decorrecting the flower, you can take the ready versions of the clumbing device using the old tyre, but it's much more interesting to develop the unusual design elements themselves.

Original cloths with your hands. You can also create old boots and boots. Each family has a few pairs of old shoes that no one wears for a long time, but it doesn't lift a hand.

Funny flower pots attached to the fence, stairs or wings, will revive the interrier and present a great mood to both hosts and guests. The main advantage of such a minibulum from an old shoe is mobility: it is easy to move through the precinct, thus revitalizing the saddest.

To turn the old shoe into a garden container, it's enough to swap the product in a few places just above the sole with a knife. Cuts are necessary to ensure sufficient drainage. For the same purpose, gravel fragments, wooden chips that fill the lower part of the boot may be used. The remaining domestic space of the product is filled with a soil mixture. Also, some useful advice we can draw on this video:

To land in such improvised receptacles, it would be great: rotten, geranium, eye antenuine, foxy and other unspeakable beautiful plants.

Creating a flower clumbing from manual materials is a fascinating process that can turn any old thing that's long gone into a piece of art.

Новое применение старой посуде Четыре шага по созданию миниклумбы из чайника Подвесные кашпо из резиновых сапожек Пестрая компания необычных миниклумб

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