Landscape Design In The Village Style With His Hands

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1. Good cases
2. Learn together.
3. Think and advise together. Rest area
4. Video camera - protection against thieves
5. The letter to the room. Help me plan a living garden.
6. Choose together. Shyzantus
7. We're happy together. Tell me what you did, you'll get the prize.
8. Have fun together. Fed
9. Experiment together.
10. We do it together. Colour containers
11. Ready together. Equitable ring
12. Attention, and again! New flower

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Thank you all for your congratulations to the New Year! There were really many of them. But there are some stories about the good work done the previous year, unfortunately, very little has come. Although I am sure that the realities of goodness have been sufficient, but apparently the modesty of our subscribers has prevented them from sharing it.

Good cases

"I have a boy's neighbour, wrote Tatiana from Podmoskovia. - His family, unfortunately, is not from the best.Котенок в подарок How long did I think I'd give him? Then I remembered that in the summer he's almost every day on the river, and he's been swimming, and he's been fishing for six years! She's got her husband to buy a good stitch, and she's got a mask to swim. And on 1 January, neighbor Misha went outside. My eldest son, for the good of him on this morning, was Desd Moros, and he went to congratulate the boy, and at that time I went to the window and watched.

Oh, that was a real picture called "Rodity." Misha was smashing the duck, and he was trying to try the mask for the swimming and yelling "our!" that parents escaped from the house. ...

And yet we know who was happier: the kid or the whole family. ♪ ♪ ”

Svetlana from Udmurtia didn't seem to be indifferent either. "I often go to our park with a dog. And almost always on one of the benchies is a lonely grandmother with such sad eyes. I even talked to her once. She swallowed my dog and said, "I don't think I'd handle the dog, but I wouldn't give up the cat. That's what I decided to do. A few days before New Year, I bought a fluffy white kitten and went to the park. Grandma was sitting on her bench. "It's for you," I said I pulled a kitten basket. ♪ ♪

I don't know how to tell and describe the feelings that affected my grandmother's face. And the next second she saw tears... It was only able to say, " Thank you! "

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