Landscape Design Of The Palace With His Hands

What's a Russian palace? A small free zone from home to gate, about 10 to 15 metres. It could be a very narrow strip of land if the house is close to the fence, or a vast area, if the house is located in the corner of the section. Despite differences in size, all palads have common features. How to decorate the palace, demand

In the photo:

1 The landlord is inextricably linked to the architecture of the house, i.e., the building, the paladian in front of the house. Unlike the European paladian (stretched gasoline, clear forms of living gardens) it is more appropriate to look at free, slightly recognizable handicrafts, soft plants and, of course, flowers.

2. The size of the handsome palad, its size and the height of the landing must also be consistent with the construction. Ideally the palad. in front of the house shall occupy approximately 2/3 of the height of the assignment, and the handicrafts growing at the wall shall close the upper line of the building cap.

3. The palace shouldn't be flat, his silo is also dictated by the architecture of the house. The general elifer of the flower should be reduced to the road by sending the satellite softly to the entrance. The deaf part of the wall, where there are no windows, has to plant a high plant, the coast of Yung, the mere of Serbian or “invers”.

4. The colored decision of the palace with your hands is to play the counterside so that the landings don't get off the background, that is, the wall of the house. There's no need to plant bright summers next to the house of a beautiful natural stone. Conversely, the darkest building is better to steal a bright, happy flower.

5. When designing the palace, it is necessary to select persistent, stable ornamental plants that will survive to the sea. Exceptions are injurious. They should be placed under certain rules: rabbits, under the bushes, tulips, together with the flyers, narcisss, between years.

6. The areas of the naked land between the young landings need to be mulched. It will rid you of the constant rust and removal of the weeds, and the homogeneous sprinkle in the paladian with its hands is a beautiful background for the plants. There is also a need to do the same with the land that has been robbed during the inter-sex period.

7. Don't forget about the soft plants when the palace is set up. They are usually the basis. The badly planted shoes and bells need to be " cut " by the fictional artisans.

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