Landscape Design Of The Children ' S Space By Hand

Ландшафтный дизайн детской площадкиWho are the kids? It's not just small people. They're real researchers, pioneers and thinkers looking for anything new, unknown in every object or event. This is often a real problem for parents. A great way out is a child's playground that tastes like a young adventurer.

Of course, an important role in the design of the yard is played. Why? It's very simple. There are certain inconsistencies that need to be met by the building.

First and foremost rule is security. On the site, a child must be outside all possible dangers, such as cars, naturally unfavourable conditions, etc. First, there is a need to find a good place to house the site. It should be available so that adults can easily control the activities of children. It means that the area of the site should not be beaten by high trees. High saturation is recommended to be placed only next to the sand to close the babies from the sun. In general, low living fences can be used as fences to prevent children from circumcised by concrete, incorrect fences.

You need to take care of the coating. Landshaft Child Design The areas are as safe as possible, green and convenient as possible for games. The perfect version is the lawn grass. It is flexible enough, easy and easy to accommodate all the design elements, and when the falls (which, unfortunately, do not avoid), such coating will significantly reduce injuries, as opposed to, for example, gravia or small galca. You should be specific about the sand. For a child's sand, only river sand, no clay and other impurities.

Small cloams with flowers and decorative plants will be added to the children ' s site. By the way, such clums can be made with their hands from manual materials, such as road tyres or natural stones. Children themselves can and should be involved in the improvement of a small flower. It'll give them a great mood and basic skills in caring for living plants.

The most important attribute of the playground is, of course, a swing. They shall be made of natural materials and coloured in bright colours.

There will also be small sizes of garden sculptures like gnomes and mushrooms. Such decorations will help create a certain atmosphere of fairness and magic on the site.

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