Landscape Design Of The Countryside By Hand

загородный ландшафтный дизайнThe countryside landscape design makes it possible to create an amazing corner of living around his house, where a man can rest and gain new strength after heating grey beards. And to that end, the whole area must be properly decorated, scattered. The art of landscape design came to us from the rising sun, where there was a tradition of building streams around the house, a small wooden bridge and an alpine mountain, all natural beauty in one place.

Professionals from agencies can easily create a vice landscape. But if you show patience and spend some time Urban landscape design You can create yourself. And if you want to steal your garden with a beautiful wooden bowl, find out how to make this part of the layout here, on the pages of the ASC Egida building company. The company provides a wide range of construction services. Therefore, in addition to the creation of a wooden bridge and other landscape design elements, the company can be ordered to build a country home for its dreams.

загородный ландшафтный дизайнTypically, a beautiful wooden bridge connects two shores of a small pen on the countryside. Of course, there's not always a way to make a real, curly stream of the house. But if time and means are allowed to be created. To begin with, it is necessary to mark the area where the streams will flow, chart its line. It is further necessary to dig a tranche, at least 30 centimetres deep.

The line of the shore of the stream shall be smooth and buoyant as the source. The bottom of the stream is then purified from unnecessary stones, plants and equated, and the surface is wiped out by a special film. And so that the bottom of the stream is natural to begin the film, it is necessary to wash water and lay a little gal. A little tranche for the hose that will serve as the source of the rust is needed outside the pond. It is desirable that the source of the stream be on a small elevation, and then the water will be on its own in a water where the pump is to be irrational.

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