Landscape Design Of The Garden With His Hands Watching

Полисадники кованыеThis part of the private house must be given special attention. The palace is an element of any date, as it is both desiccón and practical. For example, it's just around the house that they usually put trash tanks or mailboxes. Most of the dormitories also use it to park machines and to carry out agricultural work. And some choose the palace's decor in the form of a small garden where the berries can be planted. However, many will agree, its important purpose is an aesthetic function. The palace in front of the house serves as its " ghost " dacha, which is part of the yard style.

If you decide to design his design on your own, you'll see that he has to be really beautiful to match the image of the house. What fence should the palad? He has to harmonize with all the designs and all the little things that are nearby. You can see his design on the photo. It's the fabulous and most beautiful options that can be the best fence for your garden.Кованый палисадник фото The garden will be transformed and will look like a fairy tale illustration.

Do With his hands. It's simple. And the beautiful flowers in front of your house will be given if their design is balanced with the style of the house, the kind of fence and vegetation. It's possible to steal a rural house with a small wooden fence or a white fence. If you don't have economies and you have a big area near Dachi, you can set up a palace with a cheek and eternal landing, giving them geometric forms. Before we begin to steal the palace, it is necessary to choose the kind of flower for your dacha.


Вид перед домамA few important nuances need to be taken into account in order to properly form a palace in front of the house, with all the small details being carried out with their hands. At first, it is necessary to determine what kind of palady you want.

Passenger classification:

  • Open,
  • closed.

The small size of the palace is better to be open, and large sizes to be divided into several areas with different designs. Furthermore, the degree of openness can be any, depending on the type of house and its architecture. The intensity of traffic on the street, the location and characteristics of buildings and the greening of the site must be taken into account. To date, the ovens for palads or other, which are very popular among the lucky ones, have been very demanded.

Look at the main types of paladians:

European Palisade

Imagine the way the palady looks in your garden. At this stage it is necessary to select its type. An open version can be made with your hands like a beautiful picture. It can be seen both from far away and from close range. You're wondering, how is that possible? That's how the gardens of European masters, which are pros of their business in landscape design. And on the side of the road, the beautiful ensemble of the palady looks great at the same time as the best.

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