Landscape Design Of The Suburban Area With His Hands

Цветовой круг применяется для определения родственной цветовой палитрыBy creating a landscape design with its own hands, the law of the circle must be adhered to. It defines harmonious colour combinations (see photos). If you split it in half a vertical line, the right will be warm shades, the left is cold. The main composites are formed in one group of flowers, cold or warm.

It doesn't mean that colors from different parts can't be mixed. It is possible, but the colour of the opposite group should be present as a focus. Such countervailing composites shall be made if there is a need to divert attention (gathering, toilet, etc.).

Правильная высадка растений по высоте относительно сторон света

There's a square law. It's hard to keep it in a little oryard, but it's influenced by the rules on the location of buildings and planting. The essence of it is on the bright side. For example, by choosing a place under the house, remember that if you put it on the south side, almost the entire area would be in the shadows. In some regions, this is good, in some regions, bad. You decide.

The position in relation to parts of the world and in the planning of recreational zones shall be taken into account. For example, the pool should be on the south side right now: water should be warmed up. But there's got to be a shaded space, a hint, a pearl that can rest from the hot sun.

With regard to planting and the location of the garden, it can be interpreted as: the highest-grown plants are located in the north (if you do not live in the south and you need no shadow). Then the rest of the space will be well lit.

Планировка оформления участка с учетом законов ландшафтного дизайна

The greening of the daci or the yard of a private house requires knowledge of the degree of lighting preferred by a species of plants. There are always more and less stunned places. There's always more shadows on the north side. There's a need for shadow trees, handicrafts, flowers. At a distance of two to three metres, the zone may have good illumination, as the shadow from the house may not be reached. There's gonna be plants that love the rim of light.

Plans for zones and buildings shall be established in accordance with these rules. There's a lot of them, but even if you take these three, you'll have a literate presentation, and importantly, beautiful and harmonious.

Landscape design elements

Short of what you can steal, yard, landing. Elements are many, their varieties are bigger. One of the favourite recreational activities is shuffles or barbecue. And there's a place under this zone. Immediately after the location of the house has been determined, it is often decided where to talk, terrace, pergolu.

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