Landscape Design Plans For The Country House With Their Hands

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Landscape design is becoming more popular in our homelands. The scattered crowds are replaced by decorative gardens, similar gasolines and colours, houses are decayed by living gardens and vertical greening. Disein transforms the landing areas into the family ' s favorite recreational places, while satisfying the needs of everyone, the paths must be beautiful and comfortable, the palace is wide and cozy, and the garden care must be happy.

The interesting landscape ideas of gardens and landing sites, the answers to the questions - which plants to plant to create the alpine mountain, the rules of Fen Shui for gardens and gardens - all of which can be found on the pages of the magazine Lubby Shad and on the website.

An uncomfortable and fast-growing claw would give an exotic species to any garden. It's most commonly used to decorate the invisible elements - a wall of sarium, composted pile, or planted along the fences, but this plant will be perfect for single planting.

The Landscape of the Mid-Russian lane in the winter is very lacony. But in our garden, a little southern collorite connected to a rather exotic handicraftsman who successfully grows up in European Russia.

The proximity of the winter makes the most invisible plants of our garden. There are beautiful berries or leathers that have not attracted attention before. A whole group of plants can be identified as such natural decorators: rododendrones, barbaris, spirits, hosts.

However, there are not so many plants that can so effectively blend the fall garden as long-range (Acer palmatum) or haultheria lying (Gaultheria procumbens). ♪ ♪

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