Landscape Design Slope With Its Hands

Горный склон в садовом участкеIf your gear is on the hill or the slope and you don't know how to effectively decorate the area, the appropriate option will be to decorate the mountain slope with the help of the rotary, water bodies and the plants concerned, which we will now talk about.

In establishing an original mountain slope, it is very important to seek assistance from landscape design specialists. It should be noted immediately that this settlement will require a substantial amount of money and not one day of work. Such a site will be characterized by alpine, rocarium or a mountain handle with a waterfall. We'll look at some of the popular mining patterns.

Sada processing options on the mountain slope

Ландшафтные сады

Landscape design of garden It is agreed to divide into three main groups:

Landscape gardens - a model of the rocky mountain elephant, whose vegetation corresponds to natural mountain vegetation.

Fantasy gardens♪ There are already designers using some professional techniques that show idealized mountain vegetation.

Collect gardens♪ The name is clear, the garden vegetation is a collection of decoration plants.

Alpine High Model

Модель альпийского высокогорьяThis is considered to be one of the most complex since the designer needs to accurately copy the nature of the alpine mountains. To that end, the right plants must be found and their living conditions must be created. Suitable plants will serve carlicks, low-growths, Greeks, drieds, etc.

It is also necessary to create a scalist slope with stone-cold smiles. In order to do so, it is necessary to bury suitable stones into the ground initially in the construction of the garden. The rest of the places that will remain empty must fall asleep by a famous or blade that will simulate the mountains.

Japanese stone garden

The Japanese garden of stones will give you a landing section of aristocracy and exquisite. But you can't do it with your own hands without the help of specialists. This type of landscape design requires skills in this area, knowledge of some nuances of design, and a fine designer taste.

Японский каменный сад Оформление каменного сада в стиле «Горной долины»

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