Landscape Design With Its Hands

Фонтан-водопад своими рукамиSuch a fountain waterfall would make the garden or the courtyard of the country house great. He's impressed, isn't he? To some extent, it can even be called elegant, and it's hard to believe that such an interesting water facility can be made with its hands. It's a difficult task, but it's real. If you're determined to create a fountain to give, act, and we'll tell you the direction!

Cottage or drip in the coastal zone is the dream of the majority of the inhabitants of the city ' s multi-ethnics. But there is a more attractive view of the prospect of having its own water on the site.Укрепление берегов пруда It's so attractive that a lot of people are willing to spend a lot of money, creating man-made ponds and factories.

A lot of people dream of having water on their own. And embodying this dream, practice and romance landscape design There's an undisputed argument: what's better than a painting pond or a pool? The best quality of both water bodies combines the natural pool. He's decorating the countryside and letting it freshen up in hot days. The natural pool is clean water without chemistry that can swim and grow favorite plants.

Натуральный бассейн: живой водоем на дачеThe deserted city, we are always separated from the benefits of civilization, and because of the acute need for horticultures in wells and wells, we have not yet fallen. This problem is addressed by each landowner in its own way, based on needs and, most importantly, opportunities. For the cattle, the decision will be one for the house in the village and the dacha in the old gardening comrades, different.

Prospect and clean water is essential for the normal existence of living organisms and plants in the pond. Sunlight, rain, various external pollution (e.g. leaves, dust), partial water substitution and many other causes water changes. There are two main causes of water pollution. One is the presence of too many nutrients in water that are the product of fish life, as well as the result of the process of disintegration of deadly plants. Another is the excessive accumulation on the bottom of the organic ila and its harmful mushrooms and bacteria. However, the oxygen content of the water is significantly reduced.

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