Landshaft Design 4 Juices With His Hands

Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками

Landshaft design of a given section - basic rules

How do you make a long landscape design so it's uncomfortable, but at the same time it's unusually beautiful? Your efforts will begin to prepare the area. First, we need to draw up a plan that will show you how all the elements are located.

The plants are better planted not in a single option, but by groups. But remember that only those green pets that won't prevent each other from growing. When trees are planted, it's best not to follow straight lines, of course, order is always good, but the natural nature of a given plot is just going away if you use strict symmetry. In order to ensure the correctness of this assertion, it is important to look at the many times when the composition is created that the symmetrical or asymmetric balance will be chosen as the basis first. If you have chosen a symmetrical balance, it will be necessary to repeat the basic elements in the mirror. For example, a high-powered booby-trap track can be engulfed with flowers. The asymmetric balance will dictate the following condition: the whole combination will be single to one pre-selected element.

Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками

Landscape design by hand - councils

By creating a landscape design with your hands, you won't have to do without some important advice and clues that won't make the most common mistakes.

1. Remember that the simplicity of the landscape design of your precinct will directly depend on its naturality. Harmonised " map " will help to create smooth transitions between elements.
2. Mandatoryly observe the unity of space in the design, this is possible with the complete observance of the single colour chart and the repetition of the same elements in the different parts of the garden.
3. Put the trees in such a way as to gradually change their height, such a transition can produce depth and visual senses of the larger section.

4. You must respect the principle of proportionality in the creation of any composing at the same time, so too small objects should not be placed in large space and vice versa.
5. Professionals advise not to forget that the world of garden crops is unusually diverse, and that land should be properly treated.
And here are the more substantive clues that will allow you to create an extraordinaryly attractive, long-range landscape. design with your hands.:
1. Your " phase " would look more interesting if you smashed into small sections of the lawn by placing paint on them.
2.Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками Don't deny yourself the pleasure of hosting a lot of vicious paths, because your guests will be extremely interested in opening up all the new and new corners of your garden, walking along different ways.
3. You'll have to eat decorative grass, 'cause they'll be in the middle of a year to serve as a decoration to your garden, giving him air and light.
4. Of course, put a variety of surprises in the corners that you did on your own. For example, it could be a paint bird from the porch, a blue stone crust or a pork from plastic bottles.
5. There are a lot of gardening shapes with sarigate sheets - green leaves with cream, beard, yellow, rose and white transverse or longitudinal stripes or bars will look very beautiful. And you can find the varieties with completely borde, blue, brown or yellow leaves.
6. However, the landscape design of the country house should not be taken seriously. If you enjoy breaking the rules, no one will stop you from planting high-grown plants before low. However, try to take into account the extent to which plants will be combined with each other and with a garden background in colour. For example, red and yellow flowers will be very harmonious with the white bench.
7. A beautifully decorated water always attracts opinions regardless of the shape and size. Ordinary flowers always lose in the appearance of painting plants planted around the water.
8.Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками Using hand-written materials to create an inexorable external image of your “fazendas”, so it will look very beautifully the remnants of the old tree or the landscape design stones.
9. The light in the garden, you can hide behind the living gardens and the bushes, and you can put out a lemon. It's very beautiful to look at the shades. It's very good if you can set up smart lights equipped with sensors. It's very interesting if you combine the lighting with the garden tracks, just imagine how during the evening walk you'll be able to blend lights under your feet.
10. The beauty of the precinct looks like a fountain that's gonna give you a cold day. Details on its installation and maintenance can be obtained Landscape design video

Landscape design features of 20 streams

This large enough area is enough for the comfort of a large family. However, as soon as you plan all the necessary structures and facilities, you will realize that the area is not as big as it seemed.

All right, 20 bays, except for a living house, should have a recreational area that would include a conversation, a mangal lawn, a children ' s landing, a farm area where the garage, a funeral, a bath, a shop, a borehole, animals and other objects should be located. There will also be a garden zone that will comfort all the resters. In addition to traditional elements, the area is well suited to the oven, alpine, rock and open basin.

You need to stick to the common style when you've got your 20s, because otherwise the objects will be looked apart, it's not the best picture. And all the fashions don't have to be followed at all, 'cause it's dangerous, and it's not gonna look beautiful, the gear that's being recycled by the elements of the decor.

Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками Ландшафтный дизайн участка. Учимся делать своими руками

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