Pinks In Landscape Design With Their Hands

Все про рутарий или как сделать сад из старых пней и корней своими рукамиNature sometimes creates very fancy forms. Frequently, a lonely foot or a dry merchant looks amazingly vivid, reminding us of the fabulous left or other mysterious creatures. These properties of dried crusts, roots and pineas are based on the art of creating a garden from the roots, a rutria. Rutari with your hands. It's not hard to create, it's enough to be fantasy and to include imagination.

If there are big trees in your garden, there are always branches of interest after their cut. If there's a huge old foot on the precinct, don't rush to excavate it, the foot can be so transformed as to become a central figure in your garden.

Декоративный пень

Rutary is a new word for us yet, even though decorative combinations of roots and pawns have been created for a long time. The word is English “root”, the root.

If there are no old pines and trees on the precinct, you can go to the forest or land. There's always a way to find the crusts, the residues of the pine, the crust and the big branches that will be useful in the creation of a rutria. When the parking area or streets are upgraded, we can find great songs and matches and brews.

Once the material for the establishment of the Rotary is chosen, it is desirable to process it.Декоративный рутарий The dry tree does not apply to durable material, the rutry from the raw wood will preserve the strength and appearance of a maximum of 6-7 years. The chosen constituents need to be washed, wrapped with the boiler where it is required to be cleaned from the crucifix where it is necessary to melt, connect or cut. The tree can be opened with a foot, treated with special drinks, painted. But if you're in service at seven years, the tree's enough to clean up insects and dust and leave it naturally.

Рутарий Перевернутый корень Рутарий для зоны отдыха Фигура монстра

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