Relefs and slopes can be used to create an original landscape

Thus, in keeping with the above recommendations, the creation of the Alpine Mountain will become a real creative process, and the result will not be one year.

Plant planting schemes

At first glance, it is difficult to create the most organic composition. Specialists may be assisted landscape design♪ It is possible to examine the photos of alpine mountains with your hands for starters, to spare patience, to analyse the information and a variety of plant removal schemes from different sources, and to create an infinite masterpiece. To make the mountain look harmonious, and some plants do not interfere with the growth of others, they are planted by the cowards.

Alpine Mountain Scheme

For each longline, certain types are chosen:

  • The underground mountains are planted by those species that love moisture and rich soil fertilizers. The foot of the alpine is usually elevated humidity and not always full lighting. It is therefore possible to give preference to decorational villains (e.g., wooden sensation) as well as to the alpine mountains of youth and stones;
  • The median core is occupied by the less sensitive representatives of the flora. As the average longline will be lighter, plants with the ability to carry the stint are picked up. There will be flasks, gunshots, ammos, etc. And the variety of soil-coloured readings will help fill the voids between direct colours;

Arrangement of rocars with barbaris and sos

  • At the top, there are early prosperous years, single-years and bulbs that require warm sunlight and dry soil. The top of the alpine mountain will look vividly with the iberies that will cover its flower white pelvis. Cyrene paints can be added with a thymane of sliding. Yellow varieties of aissum will be scaling the syrene-white gamma. The king of the summit is rightly called a light-loving mysterious edelways.

Trees and high grass plants are planted first. Usually their place at the bottom of the mountain or in the background. Organicly, they'll look at the big bows. Low-lived years are planted all over the mountain. The cowards are clearly separated by stones or plants higher.

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