New Garden Landscape Design

Анатолий ШАХОВAll programmes with practice!

Our colleagues.

This section presents some of the work of our graduates. These gardens and flowers were constructed by them in different corners of Moscow, Moscow and the regions. But it is particularly important for us that most of them are real projects.
Part of these gardens is a landscape design for the soul, and the other part is done as copyright and professional business projects.
Many of these gardens and flowermen you must have seen on the pages of flower magazines. And if you're interested in any of these design projects, call us, and we'll give you the author's coordinates.

Anatoly SHAHOV

Валентина СОТОВАLandscape Designer, graduator of the PCO " Light Planet " .

Valentine Sotova

Landscape Designer

Valentine's self-sustained landscape design came after years of gardening. The gardens already established are currently being supervised and new projects are being implemented in various areas of Podmoskovia.


Sad designers, UPU ' s Flowing Planet Alumni.

Eugenia and Milan work together, and there is no clear leader in their creative alliance. As partners and designers, they complement each other well, and this enables them to work professionally and successfully with their customers. In 2011, they became winners of the landscape competition at the Dom and Garden exhibition at Crocus Expo! Evgeny and Milan are present at the seminars and craft workshops organized by the Flowing Planet PCO, showing their gardens and speaking. ♪ ♪


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