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The tiny flower of the ropes reminds the roses. They're so densely blinded by branches, that it seems like a ready bouquet grows out of the ground. The decorativeness of the ropes is in the ability to look splash when in front of the eyes a whole paradise of pale pink, white, gentle-fiole lobsters. The richness of the shades is the main king of this plant. And if you remember the aroma, sweet, patient, driving poet mad, it becomes clear why the fall is compared to late love...

Weresk is the national flower of Scotland and Norway. The wild ropes in the 23rd century in England and then became popular in Holland and Belgium. The largest collection in the world is 300 kinds of cherries in Germany.

The Latin name of the plant, Calluna, comes from the Greek word " sallyna " to clean and make beautiful. Indeed, in large balcony containers, small bassoons, or in fluristic compounds of dry flowers, the veres look very vibrating. Equally attractive to the next of vereska's family, Erika. The plants are only the shape of the flower. The erics remind them of tiny bells.

Veres can be raised from seeds or multiplied by vegetative means. But it's best to buy in a flower shop or a garden center full-blown seedlings. Getting their feet is easy. Prepare a special soil substrate: three parts of the peat and one sand, acidity, four. For ERicki, two parts of peat, two parts of sand, acidity, five, eight.


Your green pets will need:

  • Regular Gulf
  • Spring cut,
  • Feeding mineral fertilizer once a year.

In the summer and early autumn, the vereske needs to be further sprayed tonight. This thirst is simply because the rope has so short roots that it's hard for him to extract the moisture from the depths. The first two years after boarding, the specialists do not recommend intensive cuts and crown formation.

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