Basics Of Landscape Design For Gardening

Course course

Larissa Nikolayevna's Nadrzyn is a landscape architect, and in the past, a senior lecturer at the Landscape Architecture and Garden and Parking Department of the GEF. Over 20 years of experience in green construction. Over nine years of teaching.

"Contemporary" landscape design Small garden."

This is an opportunity:

  • Make the fashion, cozy and harmonious space of your garden
  • to create a " no " garden of its dream or to transform existing
  • to feel like a great artist.
  • Recognize new trends in styles, plant selection and accessories
  • Systematize and streamline existing experiences and knowledge
  • Receive professional advice on site improvement

landsThe course is intended for the owners of suburban areas, horticultures and fine censors;

What do you get? study the landscape architecture, meet the elements of the arts of the garden plot, learn correctly to choose the saturation for the future of the garden, taking into account its development in time and space, learn the basic principles of garden improvement.

Our advantages are:

  • Copyright training
  • Flexible pay conditions - we offer a discount system and the possibility of payment in the dispensation.
  • Suitable location - training in the center of town
  • Flexible schedule of classes - day, evening, weekends

The training consists of 4 phasesNo


Col. hours

1 Phase


analysis of territory, regulations and rules of design, study of territory, handling of mass


2 Phase


Esquisition of a future site based on the study of the laws of the joint and the design of the garden creator


3 Phase


garden saturation - study of charcoal and grassy assortium


4 Phase

Establishment of a garden

The establishment of a garden is a device of gas, roads, tracks, waters, vertical planning bases, preparation of work drawings


The programme includes practical exercises on the design of charcoal groups, the design of a flower, and the creation of sada-based sketches.

Emphasis is placed on work with a specific section. Up to 70 per cent of the time will be devoted to practical design work.

Initiation of training: September
Location: Mr. Lower Novgorod, Audible, D.2
Duration of course72 hours, 18 classes, 2-3 months
A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

Alumni feedback

Cost of education: 17,000 roubles

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