Landscape Design Of Gardens In Spb

Ландшафтный дизайн участка: статьи о ландшафтном дизайне

Station and Landscape Design at a low-value PCB.

The country house is a place where the family will spend almost all of its free time, rest, work, receive guests and raise children. It's nice if you have a beautiful precinct, which is not ashamed to show, and which can provide a diverse and comprehensive relax.

But the construction of a long-distance site does not take place on its own, and specialists are involved in its development. Breaking paths, setting up recreational zones, creating gardens or clumbings, all of which must be harmonized with the environment, combined and just beautiful. The modern landscape design of the tract must take into account the needs of man, his family, the aesthetic tastes and preferences.

Modern long-term landscape design from the SK "Start Hands!"

Streamline! These activities can transform the regular land area into a beautiful and aesthetically attractive place, with sectors under the coloured garden, park zone, recreational space for adults and children, sports site.

• The most important thing is to plan the site properly and design it according to the natural landscape. Planning will help to organize effective improvements, provide for all landscape engineering nuances.

∙ Mandatory construction of the site shall include access paths through the drain with the pipe placed in it.

● Some lowlands should be drained before construction begins. This activity will help reduce groundwater to acceptable values.

• Depending on the amount of precipitation, the setting up of your long-distance site may require the removal of rain and steel waters.

• The Territory around the house, as well as the garden, must have paths that can be followed without fear of being caught in the rain. Besides purely practical, roads play an important role, they create a beautiful and stylish section.

• Living territory has boundaries. It is essential that these boundaries be visual not only for the house owners, but also for the rest of the people. fences and fences can clearly distinguish their and other areas.

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