Beautiful Landscape Design

Цветущие клумбы, красивый сад: ландшафтный дизайн загородного

Another principle to create a lazy gardener is less than a lawn, more stoves.

Regardless of whether you're gonna make a pet patio with a dinner table, an inner gril-zone palace or a street jug with cozy benches around the circle, it's gonna be a solid surface that never needs to be filled with or through. That's what a bracelet, a brick or a decorative stone will do. Yet you can choose a blue sander, a natural stone, which, despite the name, is delivered in different colours (ser-blue, blue, brown gray and orange). This is a more expensive option, but its dense composition makes it incredibly durable. For less costly urination, you will consider a fragmented stone, e.g. a peas (sea) gravel or a white stone.

If you plan to set up an internal patio palace on the precinct, take care of a solid foundation: under the stone surface, there must be a solid foundation, and advise in the Bockov studio. To this end, sea gravels are flooded with a thickness of 15 to 20 cm. It will prevent the growth of weeds and maintain the patio level at the right altitude.

Around the recreational zone in the open air, instead of the lawn, put a pillow out of the mulch. It's one of the best investments for your garden, approves Bochkov. Mulch of organic material (wood cheek, base cheek, straw) slurry, fertilizes plants, reduces the growth of weeds, maintains humidity, stabilizes soil temperature and many others. Mulcha doesn't need special attention in servicing, except in spring. The extra bonus is the natural charcoal scent that it distributes across the territory. However, if you want to rid yourself of the annual updating of the organic mulch, replace it with a sea grave or a river stone.

If you close the open space between the young landings, pre-closure the land with a non-contained agromaterial (geotecstil) - through that barrier, you'll forget the weeds for a few seasons.

The best way to disappoint in the gardening is to bite more than you can "do." So it's best to start with small gardens, the rest of the land can be planted with grass and just sewn regularly.

Small gardens are easy to control, and starting with small scales, you will quickly study the horticulture bases, such as the control of weeds, pest control and disease, as well as the demands for the valley, without overburdening your garden. As you develop more confidence and skills, you will expand the landing area.

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