Landscape Design Of A Small Garden

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"Good to have a house in the village... Failure to accept this claim is likely to be a minority. What's the good house in the village? Let's try to answer this question... from the perspective of the landscape designer.

The Domick in the village will be less remarkable if there is no garden near him. I mean, it's not worth living, it's on its own, and it's an opportunity to rest outside the city, fresh air. "Life well and live well is better," said by all of us the favorite character of a famous movie. I was right!

And since you have such a great opportunity as a garden precinct, why not turn this place into a little paradise? All the more so, it is real and under the power of a landscape designer, and AG-Studio will boldly embrace the reality of your dream.

НовосельцевоLandshaft garden design is a huge, unlimited spark for the creation of a man who's engaged in his business. Of course, the landscape design of the garden is not just creativity, it is also a great deal of work that requires careful preparation and development. Sometimes there's a lot to be built on a very small site: farm buildings, garages or car hangs, gardens, gardens, recreational spaces, decorative boards, greenhouses, but there would be a pool...

Don't be afraid, it's real! Experienced expert, thinking Landscape designand will be able to compose all the items listed in such a way that the site is not only functional, but also beautiful, cozy, comfortable, as much as possible for full recreation.

By designing a large area landscape design, first of all, the house planning is taken into account. For example, the children ' s area is more comfortable with the kitchen window and the garden in high places with more light. The housewife will be comfortable watching the children from the kitchen window, and the green saturation, if so planned, will be provided with enough sunlight.

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