Landscape Design Of A Size Change Garden

Ландшафтные хитростиVirtually any modern professional master whose area of activity is gardening, gift or landing, understands how simple tricks help to maximize the Territory ' s design and successfully use such useful councils in their work. It should be noted that some of the secrets of such a plan provide an opportunity to implement the most bold and unusual decisions, even those that seem impossible at first. At the same time, it's possible to do it with its own hands and various low-cost materials! As a result, the countryside life on the frontier will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible, and the garden will have a beautiful appearance.

?Ландшафтные хитрости First of all, they are professional techniques using the designer to house plants in the Territory, play with their shape and size, lighting and colour gamma.

Space management

At the time of creation Dragment The most important factor is the right organization of space.

It should be known and taken into account in this type of work that different trees have a special form of crown, which may be:

  • Consistent;
  • Paraboloid;
  • Charovis and so on.

Linear figures are considered as flower. And with regard to the mandatory elements of each garden section (trains, fences or brodures), they are not included in the above category. The main objective of each professional designer is to compile counter-associated composites, identify those elements that are best suited by shape and size.

Ландшафты хитрости Ландшафтные хитрости Ландшафтные хитрости Ландшафтные хитрости

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