Landscape Design Of Garden And Garden Photo

Сад и огородIf you have your land, you can get the maximum impact. The land area provides its master with rich opportunities. Having a garden and a garden doesn't mean spending all your precious time. Even if you don't have that time, you could just have fresh green, berries and even fruit. There are many options, such as " light " gardens and a lot of easy labour receptions.

Your fruits and vegetables are very good, and today it's relevant. You'll provide yourself for a year with clean and vitamin products, which is important today. Why would you wonder how and what beautiful vegetables from the supermarket were stolen? The health won't buy for money.Сад и огород Not by chance, in Europe, the most expensive vegetables, grown in clean farms. You have this farm, too, it's your garden.

How to be with design. Neither the garden nor the garden prevent the beauty of the garden, vice versa, the modern garden and the garden are full objects of design. The garden and the garden are just a symbol, and by principle it is a combination of plants that are perfectly suited to the role of landscape design tools.

There are absolutely everything in berry handicrafts, fruit trees and vegetables: shape, colour, facture, nuance, contrast, with one word, a lot of beautiful qualities that do not yield to other decoration plants.

Some of the craftsmen and trees can become full garden decorators. What about the vegetables? Some kinds of vegetables can be used in garden design as decorative plants on an equal basis with classic ecorators. For example, the fruits of the tomatoes are so diverse and so beautiful that we can make a real bloom!

In the end, the beauty of the garden or garden depends on how these areas are planned. The garden, as well as the architecture, are compatible concepts. There are gardens that have decorational " little garden " . Basically, not exactly a standard idea and a style.

Сад и огородHowever, it is necessary to begin with a practical foundation. The garden can be planned, however, like other facilities in the garden.

As we approach the fence, we have to answer some questions:

Where better place the garden and the garden

The size of the garden and the garden

How to make your garden and garden effective

How to turn gardens into real objects landscape design

The space for a good garden should be appropriate to certain parameters. First, it must be solar, can be with a small half-ten protected from winds. Secondly, it should be open in the future.

Сад и огород Сад и огород Сад и огород Сад и огород

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