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Mavritanian landscape design makes the garden look like an east fairy tale - a big, sweet, bright and luxury, it looks really impressive. The first Islamic gardens were clouded oasis, and this identified their main features: the compulsory availability of water and powder, spray, plant shadows. Modern Mauritian gardens are the mixing of Muslim and Spanish traditions. This makes them more universal: it is possible to use this style for a small patio and a simple section.

Mavritanian garden characteristics

Spirit green and bright color. The Mavritanian landscape style demonstrates the buoyancy of paint - flowers, handicrafts and trees grow freely, occupy maximum spaces, create bright, living arrangements. In the southern regions, exotic varieties of plants are used for such greening. In the middle lane, plants, handicrafts, resistant to the cold, but bright and bright.

Water. This is a reference to the Muslim religion. The water is a symbol and a source of life, and therefore it becomes mandatory, central. Traditionally, for ordinary gardens in the centre, a water with a fountain from which decoration channels are separated. They divide the Muslim garden into four parts. Only central fountain is allowed for small areas. Water or fountains shall be positioned in such a way that, at any point of the garden, the water shall be heard and visible to the water.

Мавританский садStrict geometry. The Mavritanian garden plan is subject to strict symmetry, with direct water channels that divide the Islamic garden into the right segments. If such segments are of a large size, channels are also laid inside them. The velocity of such zoning is compensated by the pulmonary and buoy flow of plants.

Open space. There's a simple vegetation in the garden. For urination, it's a difficult place, a colored plug or stone. Such sites often replace traditional gasolines. This was used in desert climate to save water. It is now a practical and convenient solution - the mopped area requires less care than the lawn.

Proect has a lot of experience with the Mauritanian style in the garden and park arts. Our staff carried out a large-scale project to consolidate the inside of the Heart of Chechnya Mosque. The project materials are presented in the photo gallery. We'll work it out. landscape design in the mauritan style for your precinct. You can order the selection and planting of plants, the installation of water bodies, the washing of spaces and roads. Landing material and services are subject to favourable prices.

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