Mountain Pine In The Landscape Design Of The Garden Photo

Сорт горной сосныThe pumilio of the pine of the mountain is one of the most common varieties of this plant used by human beings for decoration purposes. Represents a small carlic craft who has a scattered earth like a flying crown.

Description of Pumilio

An old man who belongs to eternally green plants. There's a very dense crown. The bladder of bright green colour with very rigid, non-longic needles (approximately 3, 5-4 cm) in the height of the pine, the mountain Pumilio grows not more than one and a half metres, but the width extends to 3 metres in diameter. Shields in the shape of a cone, about four centimeters.Как выращивать горную сосну Running through the ground, and the winds grow very tight up.

Often, this type of mountain pine is used in landscape design, because the plant is very unspeakable for growing.

Pumilio loves the sun very much, but at the same time, it's wonderful to carry the freeze. Dry is also not scary for a plant. Soil potion any, even blade or sour, may be used. The essential condition for the bright sun is that the shade will not survive. It grows very slowly.

В чем достоинства горной сосныThe wild nature of Pumilio is found in the mountains of Central and Eastern Europe.

How do you grow Pumilio at the precinct?

The most important thing about planting is finding a well-administered area. Never mind the ground. Bustarnic can grow even in dozens. Environmental conditions, even the worst, do not affect the artisanal. The small number of nutrients in the soil, the air, buried by cars and factories, will not prevent the growth of Pumilio.

When planting the plant, dig up the pit of the right amount. If the soil is very acidic, add a vein to the moon.

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