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Злаковая клумба: план цветника из травJuly 27, 2016

A flower consisting exclusively of grass is rare in our Russian gardens. The short summer of the middle lane requires pulmonary flowers and bright paints, so the popularity of evil bulbs is not used. At a warm time of the year, dangerous shades, soft-coloured transitions and a common sense of " dryness " of grasses can only be assessed by real artists.

A different attitude towards an evil flower will emerge with the advent of the cold. The flowers will be faded, and the devastated garden will give all attention to decorative tags, without which evils are simply impossible to imagine.

Схема высадки злаков в цветникGreenportal has an article on the main types of evil crops used in landscape design - it's called "The Stars are happy all year." This time we're offering you a plan to create a flower from the grass. Shall we try again?

Not every plant from a presented mix can survive a severe Russian winter, so the combination is likely to be able to welcome you for just one season.Бутелуа изящная The better for experimenters is to repeat the work once again, adding and adjusting errors, if any.

This evil flower is about 3 metres long and can reach more than 3 metres in the highest part. It depends on the conditions of production and material. Our evil flower consists of the following plants:

  1. The boiler is delicious.
  2. ‘Viridescens’
  3. disputed
  4. by crop
  5. blue
  6. Gerara
  7. pink
  8. White craft
  9. Eriantus of Raven

Travas should be planted in this manner:

Пеннисетум лисохвостовый ‘Viridescens’

At the forefront of the composite, a botelois is terrific (Bouteloua gracilis). It transports drought perfectly, does not require regular water and supplementary feeding. Vegetables have a height of 20 centimeters. With the beginning of the flower of the boiler, it adds significantly to the growth, as the sausages, which resemble the cheek, have a 40-centimetre stem.

Boutelaus is a splendid vibe, and it's good to move the cold in the middle lane. It can be planted with seeds (when it blooms for the second year) or bought with a ready-to-made sand (for this season).

Споробол раскидистый Просо посевное Сеслерия голубая Бородач Жерара

Обивка и перетяжка мебели.

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