Landscape Design Of Section 9 Of The Photo

дизайн маленького участка

    Dreams about the perfect funnel of each of them, and often even within one family, they are very different. One wants to plant the whole area of the gangs, the other is to organize a beautiful flower, and the third is important that there be a separate place for the gangala, and if there are children in the family, the task is complicated, because the baby needs a corner. What do we do in this case, because the area is not rubber? With the proper planning and use of some visual tricks in a small area, it is possible to place all necessary and even visually more territory. Disclosure of professional secrets through which the ideals can be developed independently Small landscape design Station.

    дизайн маленького участка 5No. 1. Functional zoning

    Planning the future design of the site, like the design of the apartment, begins with clear planning. A leaf with a pen or a special programme should be armed, the size of the territory should be clarified and the plan should be established. This is necessary for the proper organization of any area, but especially for small areas. By the way, the border that separates the small section from the big one is very subtle.небольшой участок газон It's a small one-to-six-track area, which is fully considered from any point. Sometimes, more spaces seem small, especially when there's a disproportionately large house on the site. It's a planning problem. The gracious organization of the site and the designer hitrosity will not be able to extend its boundaries physically, but will change perceptions to inconsciousness.

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