Landscape Design Of A Suburban Area Of 15 Beds

Ландшафтный дизайн 15 соток

Planning landscape design 15 nets

It would seem to be a stretch of 15-strong tiles per day, but its size is a real creativity and experiment. But the nature of the landscape design is not to be able to accommodate all the desired elements of the decor, but to make the objects more functional and harmonious. Russki Park will tell us how to make the 15-strong section of the cottage right.

The course of action at the most responsible stage of site management may vary depending on the characteristics of the terrain, soil, climate and the availability of ready-to-place buildings.

Typically, planning begins with an examination of the yard ' s landscape on the presence of hills, vaginas and other irregularities, determination of the direction of the light, sampling of the ground. If necessary, remove unnecessary groundwater or create an artificial irrigation network.

Following the assessment, the terrain is moving towards the development of the Dachi site. An outline of existing facilities is provided on the paper sheet and the territory is then distributed to separate functional areas.

ландшафтный дизайн 30 сотокIn the process of zoning, the area of rest of the cottage, the garden and economic zone and the residential area shall be distinguished. The layout of the daisy design elements is not only necessary in accordance with each of the zones and personal wishes, but also taking into account the physical characteristics of the Territory. All right, well, having water bodies is best at the bottom of the precinct. Sadu would prefer to take a place in the northern part.

A large area allows different areas to be located but sufficiently far away from each other, so the site looks well-designed and cozy.
In order for the plan to be as realistic as possible, it is useful to pre-measure the affected area.

Landscape design 15 beds

The owners of large cottage plots have a very strong advantage over the owners of a smaller section, which is the possibility of using multiple design styles at once.

Strict English style with its multi-layered artisanal handicrafts, similar gasons and water bodies with large gray stone shores can be combined with romantic, Japanese, Chinese, Mauritanian and other styles.

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