Space In Landscape Design With His Hands

Уютный уголок для отдыхаThe openings are family cozy and warm. The coming languages of the flames and the melody touching of the floors turns and calms down to relax and enjoy rest. It's nice to meet up at night, enjoying dating housewives and friends. To be able to enjoy open fire magic Precincta special recreational site, the key element of which will be the circus.

The streets, which had recently been a utilitarian function, have now become a very popular part of landscape design.

The intrusion, which does not attract attention in the daytime, is becoming the " zone of attraction " , a centre around which all families are happy to meet. To make the rest even more comfortable and pleasant, spaces with comfortable fixed seats and garden furniture are constructed around the marshmallow.

The shape of the street lounge can be any one that matches the general style of the house. But in terms of simplicity of service and access, most commonly, the Ochags give round shape.

Оригинальное покрытие площадки

It's not very difficult to set up a cozy multi-level site on the precinct. All we have to do is remove the layer of the ground and level the surface.

Stolen joints are suitable for any yards in different styles. The only requirement for straw: not too deep, since natural combustion can only be supported by fresh air. In order to ensure the necessary air circulation, the woods in the drowned patch are stacked, leaving wide spaces between them and leaving sufficient distance from the walls.

Обустройство разноуровневой площадкиWe propose to consider a couple of options for the construction of a straw which, in addition to the direct functionality, will serve as an effective element of landscape design. The street spots made by their hands will be the subject of the pride of the owner and the loving place of rest of the family in cool evenings.

The streets are essentially a pit that is exploding in the ground or a superground structure laid down by a wall of solid stones. The strong walls help to keep heat, preserve the shape of the ass and guard out of wind blows.

By planning to build a codium on the precinct, the first thing to do is pick a place. The openings are located far away from the spray trees, economic structures and the house itself.

A slight height or, on the other hand, a stacked low is a far from the best choice to accommodate a costrix. There must be a golden middle. It's better if it's a flat spot with good sight.

Оформление заглубленного очага Открытая площадка для очага Подготовка площадки под кострище Заглубление основания площадки

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