Village Landscape Design With Its Hands

Своими руками - деревенская телегаVillage TV for landscape design.

Hello, friends. Living in the village, I've been catching myself on many occasions to gather a TV, a regular wooden, a wooden wheel, and a cart made by all the rules.
At the end of the circumstances and my desires, the customer ordered a village television, just a little smaller in the dimensions, to fit into the interior...
I wasn't limited in imagining how to do a piece of paper, a landscape boutaphoria, or all the rules of GOST last year. I have no experience with wood, there are only some theories... But I told myself, "You're a master... means you'll do it."Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками I've decided to do all the teleworking rules, and the fact that she's going to be a butaphorus doesn't interest me anymore... So I've decided to start with the wheels, the hardest and most small parts and their undergrounds. To make the stairs, he's packed a fine tree. If I do, I'm targeting the future. The machine can be placed in the tablet, with a diameter of up to 300 mm and a length of 1,000 mm.Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками If you want a sharp cut for a round table, please.
But I keep with the TV, I do footsteps and clinks. Yeah, clinya's 12 of them, spy 12. Only 4 mm metal 2x plates were made of drawings. Complicity, precisely the exact manufacture up to a millimetre in preparation, with further engagement on the wheel. And the handwriting is almost stuck in a clink or a handwriting, and when you put it on the wheel, it's cooled with water, otherwise you don't move anything on it, it'll fall apart. They, the wheels of course, must be the same in diameter... As an engagement, the tire was bought for the fortieth... a little bit more for me than I expected... That's all. The guy asked me to paint a light morile. I used a bi-component with a paw, a "lightened oak" and an easy tone "dub."
After I took a telega to the client, they took her veiled cadcas-coloured, and I certainly didn't regret getting the wheels back on the old one, as it was supposed to be... surely not falling apart.

You can also see the video:

Good luck, prok-master.

Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками Изготовление деревенской телеги своими руками

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