Landscape Design Of A 15-Strong Stretch

Ландшафтный дизайн участка 15 соток, фото проекта

How do you smash the new precinct? Where to start and how to plan them? What do we do with the land? How do you make errands and tracks?

Good afternoon! A year ago, they bought a lot of land (8 tons) in Vladimir province. I'd like to make the precinct pretty and literate. The predominant sand, and the crop from the garden wants to be good. What colors, vegetables. ♪ ♪

Hello! I want to do it. landscape design a 15-strong section. There's a house and a bath. What do you recommend? Where do we start? How do you plan roads, ponds, saturation? With your best wishes, Fanite.

Good night. A couple of years ago, they bought a house and moved out of the apartment. The whole time we were doing the house, getting him cleaned up, and it's time for the court. The figure shows the size of the 15-strong section and the location of the house on it. It's a lot. ♪ ♪

Hello. That's the question. Is there a programme where an example plan can be built where and what is at the station? Something like furniture design projects. Wishing free. Thank you.

Look at all the materials. on site planning:

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