Landscape Design Of A 20-Strong Forest Area

Ландшафтный дизайн на лесных участках от СтудииUnlike the net field where the outcome depends only on the talent of the landscape designer and the responsibility of the implementing agents, the primary precept for development.

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Having a garden house in the woods, living in a forest Landscape areawhere the real trees grow, it's beautiful. Many dream of a cabin in the woods, of fairy tall trees, of juices with golden guns, white tenders and magnificent lips. But happy forest owners often face difficulties in building and landscape work in forest areas.
To protect forest trees, a landscape project will be right before construction begins.Ландшафтный проект 30 соток The project is needed to ensure that the construction of the house is no longer necessary, to hire specially trained climbers to remove trees that prevent the placement of the children ' s land, fruit garden and so forth. ♪

Landscape design on forest plots from Studio Architecture and Disain, which is worth remembering by building on forest plots, is that, by damaging the multi-year symbiosis of the planted world in the forest, trees can also be destroyed. Therefore, construction near the high trees needs to be carefully and with the necessary knowledge. The builders need to be warned that you want to keep the trees on your precinct. Structators often fail to pay due attention to trees by loading into their work. You didn't buy a forest area to knock out the dying meals and pines after you built the house, remove the pistols and remove the broken barrels. Before the construction begins, it is desirable to invite a specialist, a dendrologue, who will carry out a forest survey, to recommend the removal of trees (hazardous, old, ill, untreatable).

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