How To Plan The Landscape Design Of The 15-Strong Plot

Cпланировать участок загородного дома 10, 12, 15 и 30 соток: фото

Good afternoon! A year ago, they bought a lot of land (8 tons) in Vladimir province. I'd like to make the precinct pretty and literate. The predominant sand, and the crop from the garden wants to be good. What colors, vegetables. ♪ ♪

Hello! I want to make a landscape design of my plot in 15 staples. There's a house and a bath. What do you recommend? Where do we start? How do you plan roads, ponds, saturation? With your best wishes, Fanite.

Starting here. After we received a landscaping project from Olga Minchenko and dissatisfied with the impossibility of this, and this is where I asked their firm to come up with something else. ♪ ♪

Dynamics, gardeners, and those who simply turn to my question, help with plot planning) There's no normal service in our town who could look at and draw up a plan and a front. Station is rectangular, made up. ♪ ♪

Plan of the Foto section on the side of the house. I've got a precinct of about 6-7 juice. He's already got a house with a terrace. The precinct itself will be very long, about 16 to 40 metres. It's been a long time. ♪ ♪

Look at all the materials. on site planning:

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