Regular Garden In Landscape Design

Регулярный сад

French landscape style implies that in the creation of colours, compact colours, soil cover and clear form of plant must be chosen. It is easy to use bright one-year-olds planted by scattering - Runways (Begonia), balsaminas (Impatiens), ageratum (Ageratum), velvets (Tagetes), phialki (Viola) - and decorative-liness plants: baselic (Ociolemum), colesineCine.
Spray accents
As a focus of the composite French Use plants in decorative vases, stamps and topillars that can be used not only for alley planting. Place them in the center or at the corners of the flower and vents, on the sides, at the intersection of the tracks and how to complete the prospect. In the vazones, plant small handicrafts, bush and ample flowers. Or the chess and topillars of trees.

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