Back Walls In Landscape Design With Their Hands

Подпорные стенки в ландшафте: из чего и как можно сделать хорошие «подпорки»?If a landing or landing area is located in a complex area, it has to deal with the strengthening of slopes and slopes. Using backup walls in the landscape, it is not only possible to resolve this problem, but also to steal another architectural and planning element. Beton blocks, natural stone, brevnia, bricks and habion designs are used as materials suitable for the construction of the underserved walls. Arts are sometimes set up on perfectly regular sites to make a " yummy " in the design of the site. There are magnificent flowers on the saturated fertile ground that look particularly unusual and beautiful at a higher place.Подпорная стенка из камня The effect of a fall in the garden can be increased by planting specially harvested varieties. In addition to the planting of colours, the thread walls can serve as a basis for building additional elements of the decor, which increases the functionality of their use.

This video shows how to build the back walls on the site with their hands using bricks or concrete blocks.

There are several ways to lay stones. In any case, however, the first row is placed in extracts specifically prepared in the ground. The next ranks are displayed in chess order, thus providing a reliable two-point support for each of them.Продольный разрез каменной подпорной стенки To give special strength, the stone-throwing counters shall be cemented. The walls, which play a more decorational role, drive dry:

  • The construction of stones with the same height shall be applied by horizontal rows in regular gardens. The material is used by a sandman or a gnese. The rocks do not cause processing problems, allowing for the appropriate number of units of equal value.
  • Installation of rectangular stones with different heights, horizontal rows. Such a backup wall looks less strict. It is considered universal and therefore fit for any garden, regardless of the style chosen. landscape design♪ In the collection of material, attention is drawn to the shades of stone.
  • In agricultural landings, the walls of the towing stone are used. These stones are generally of different sizes, which complicates the process of laying them. The designer, however, has a wide field of fantasy when working with this stuff.
  • Professionals and the cyclical storage of natural stones with rounded shape are popular. It's perfect for both sea and river galka. In spaces forming between adjacent stones, the ground is flooded and special non-timber varieties of coloured plants are planted.
Подпорная стенка из бревен Бетонная подпорная стенка Подпорная стенка из габионов Подпорная стенка из кирпича

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