Pergola In Landscape Design With Her Hands

Деревянная пергола: как построить и эффектно задекорировать своими рукамиClassic pergola is called two or several arocs that are connected. This capital or assembly is intended to form a shaded transition from one part of the garden to another, a place for privacy and recreation on a hot summer day. Despite such a romantic role, the pergola is also capable of addressing land-related challenges. It serves as a backbone for amplifiable and emerging plants, separates the area into zones and simply hides from the eyes of the technical design. It looks good at the pergol made with its hands from the wood. How to make this useful and attractive design we will try to tell this article.

Different material is used to create pergals. Preference is given to the construction from which the construction will be harmoniously integrated into the common site design

Деревянная перголаThis material is most popular because it can match virtually any style. Village pergolas are particularly selfish. It is not important that a small amount of time is needed for the construction of a tree structure.

If wood attracts naturality, the metal is a constant leader in durability and strength. If you don't forget to care about him and avoid rustling, then a charcoal structure that scorched plants will simplicate decades.

The construction of this material is fundamental and has a fabulous appearance. By planning, like what to build the pergola, think about how good it fits into the station: for a small wearing, the stone structure is not good.Пергола из металла It's going to be the center of attention instantly, and the rest of the beauty will just die. But in big gardens, stoning can become a real decoration.

This material is also used to create a pergol, but it is less demanded, although affordable. It's difficult to fit into a plastic environment. However, when the plastic goes under a green plant, the design material will no longer be so important.

Materials are often used in combination with each other. And the wood is a great combination of rock and metal.

It's easier to make a light structure out of a tree. Dub, eel and pine are excellent material for the work to be done.

Considering how to make a beautiful and functional pergola with your hands, first of all, we need to make sure that there's a suitable place for her at the precinct. At the same stage, all necessary material and tools should be procured.

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