Carrying Photos Of Landscape Design By Hand

Участки под каменный цветникThe cavery is a small camenist garden, and it is becoming increasingly popular as part of landscape design, both among the owners of small gardens and the owners of solid mansions and residences. The title " Rockary " is of English origin, the root of the word " rock " is translated as a " scal " . The most interesting form of the flower can naturally connect the beauty of the stones and plants. With your hands, it's a great opportunity to put on the site the most bold fantasy of creating a divine garden from the stones, which will become a spectacle of the landscape, emphasizing the identity of its owner.

Rocarium in the garden by appearance reminds the alpine: the combinations of both elements are formed from stones and plants.Схема посадки рокария A distinct feature among them is the terrain and choice of plants for composite. Alpines are located on the natural slopes of the site, and for the formation of composites, the choice is limited exclusively to alpine plants.

The selection of plants for the Rocaria is stunned: the formation of a composite can be used as eternal green hvoirs, so beautiful collars.

Landscape Designers There are three main rocks: English, Japanese and European. The difference between them is mainly based on the ratio of stones and planted plants.

Английский стиль рокария

Not every stone coffin that has been decorated by chaoticly planted plants can be boldly called a facar. In thinking about how to make faculties with your hands, a place for a future composion should first be literate.

Very good if the terrain is heterogeneous and has small hills and congestions. The uneven surface provides the ideal basis for the creation of decorative types of composing and the realization of interesting thoughts. Even a small hill can be transformed into a dry camenist moustache, a system of mountain valley concessions or a painting cascade.

On a flat surface, it is possible to create artificial cross-sections of the relay or to form " equal " rocks.

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